Our company operates the MALOLO CAT ferries from Malolo Lailai to Denarau return, four times daily.


The founders, Mr Dick Smith and Mr Reg Raffe, became disgruntled with the services being provided by contractors.


In 1997 they decided to purchase a brand new 60 seat ferry to transfer their own Island guests. The mandate was to provide “ the best possible service at the best possible price” thus allowing them to have greater control over the guest experience. The company grew faster than anticipated and after the first year of operation it was decided a second boat was needed.


Construction of CAT 2 was done completely on Malolo Lailai Island. This was the first commercial fiberglass ferry built in Fiji. The new boat provided the necessary capacity (96 seats) needed for peak season. CAT 2 has remained our flagship up until May 2013, when the company launched CAT IV, a 22.5meter catamaran (160 seats) which was proudly built again on Malolo Lailai island, at a cost of F$3 million dollars. Leeward has contributed close to F$20 million into the Fijian economy to date.


The decision to build in Fiji provided work for approximately 40 locals who benefited by learning the latest technology in boat building. The company continues to grow annually. MALOLO CAT represents the best value, and the most reliable, passenger ferry service in Fiji. Thanks to our founders the company now employs 52 staff and operates these divisions.


  • Malolo Cat ferries currently operates three boats carrying approximately 120,000 guests annually.
  • Bilibili barging operats 5 days per week providing all the island supplies,
  • The largest high voltage energy reticulation system of its kind for an outer Island. We provide power to whole of Malolo Lailai.
  • Leeward has a freight / storage warehouse, administration offices and a check in booth at Denarau marina.
  • Malolo Cat has its own private berthing jetty with fuelling facility at Port Denarau.
  • We also have our own haul out maintenance facility on Malolo Lailai.


At the launch of MALOLO CAT IV the Attorney General, the honorable Aiyaz Saiyad Kaiyum, said “a boat of this standard, built in Fiji by Fijian people, the whole country should be proud of MALOLO CAT”.


Since our humble beginning in 1998, our method has simply been to look after our overseas guests professionally while supporting the local community with discounted travel and contributing our services to neighbouring villages. Donations, and providing employment and training for indigenous Fijian people is also a Leeward priority.


The Directors, owners, staff and myself are very proud of what we have achieved. We look forward to serving Fiji Tourism for many years to come.


Barry J. Sheltrum